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Well needless to say I am very infuriated!!!! On February 27 I was doing some shopping at the South Plains Mall. I had just gotten my income tax return check and thought I would do something nice for myself for a change. I haven't had the highlights touched up on my hair since February of 2009. I haven't been able to afford it up until now. I decided to go to Toney and Guy. I had heard they were a very reputable company. I had an appointment at 1:00pm we arrived there about 15min early. The stylist I was suppose to see, was still working on her previous client. I probably waited there for about 30min before I was escorted back with the stylist. I sat in the chair and the stylist asked me what I wanted to get done to my hair today. I told her I just wanted my highlights touched up. There was a stylist behind us with some streaks in her hair. I told the stylist " You see how her hair is with the streaks in front. Something like that would be cool too, some blonde chunks in the front to shape my face". The styleist said she wanted to put a darker color on in between the highlights. She was concerned that the blonde would be too much and we would need a darker color to tone it down. I told her NO. If she needed to do smaller sections of highlight that was fine but I did not want another color in my hair. "

The stylist went to the back to mix up the developer. She started to foil weave the back right section of my head and the front left. During this time her other client before me is still processing with the developer in her hair. My stylist said " I have to wash her out real quick I will be right back" so I told her " That fine ". Little did I know that it was going to take so long to wash her other client's hair out. I sat there for 35min. the average time to use a developer on someone's hair about 20 to 35min give or take depending on how dark someone's hair is. She came back and said " sorry about that", the whole time she was gone I kept thinking to myself she has left this in way to long, I am a polite person so I told her " It's ok these things happen". The stylist proceeded to finish the bottom left and the top right sections of my hair. She went back to the shampoo area for a little bit and came back with another bowl she said " This color is just a little bit darker, I am going to put it in between the highlights. She had already mixed it up and I didn't want to be a stubborn client so I didn't say anything about it and let her proceed. Once she was done she set me there to process for another 30min. After sitting there with developer on my hair for a total of 60MIN we went to the shampoo bowl.

She started to rinse my hair and told me that " Your hair took the color very well ". That made me feel like she felt that she may have "accidently" left the developer in too long. She told me "I am going to apply a toner" She had already put shampoo, root booster, conditioner, I figured cool something to make it shiny. She started to rub the toner on my hair and my head started to burn. She was applying MORE hair color. This confirmed my previous thought of her leaving the developer in too long. She finished washing my hair and THEN she told me "Sorry about how long it has taken, but since it has taken so long I am going to put a "complementary" hair conditioning treatment in your hair. At this point I am pretty frustrated. Not only has it taken a long time for something that should have taken maybe two hours for the color cut and finish, but now this lady wants to put a conditioning treatment on my hair that is going to take another 30min. I think the reason she put the conditioning treatment on my hair is because she fried my hair. After waiting for the conditioning treatment I finial got rinsed out and moved on to the stylist who was going to be cutting my hair.

He trimmed my ends and did a good job. He blow-dried and styled my hair. Once my hair was dried I saw the disaster. Not only was my hair NOT BLONDE but it was an ashy GREEN color. Needless to say I was very upset and I started to cry. The color stylist came up to me and said "was this not how you wanted it"? I took out my drivers license picture and she looked at it and " OOOO". She said "I can fix it today" I told her " I have things I have to do today " I was going to go to a store that closed at 6. I had a jacket on reserve I needed to pick up. The stylist that cut my hair walked with me up to the front and said " When you get a chance to come in next week we will redo your hair" David was holding my credit card ready to pay and they dismissed us without payment. Understandable due to the inadequate services rendered, payment would be given at the next appointment when my hair was fixed. We got out of there at 4:45pm.

March 1 I had received a threatening letter in the mail from Toney and Guy that they were going to prosecute me if I didn't pay them 168.00. I haven't even made the follow-up appointment yet for them to fix what they messed up. On March 3 I had decided to wash my hair hoping that the natural oils in my hair helped my hair out. I got out of the shower brushed my hair and was extremely upset. Chunks of my hair started to fall out. My hair had been over processed. I made an appointment with my stylist Calvin who has been doing my hair since I was 12. He fixed it to the best of his ability considering the extensive damage and made it look a lot better. My hair is still fried and only time can fix it. I use to use only shampoo and conditioner on my hair before I went to Toney and Guy now I am using shampoo, conditioner, conditioning treatment that stays in for 5-10min, a leave in spray conditioner and a spray to mask breakage and damage. I am using these every day now, and using a deep conditioning treatment once a week. My hair has been completely destroyed and it will take 6-8 months before it will be somewhat manage able without all the products I am currently using. I will NEVER recommend any one to go to Toney and Guy.

Monetary Loss: $313.

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I had same experience today....hate Toni and guy now

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